POOF Toilet Deodorizer (SALE!!)
POOF Toilet Deodorizer (SALE!!)
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Product Description

POOF Toilet Deodorizer (SALE!!)
Buy 2 get 1 FREE!! Limited time special!

"Poof" toilet deodorizer that will provide a new way of taking care of embarrassing smells!

These Poof drops are convenient and long lasting drops that will eliminate your bathroom smell, just put one or two drops of POOF into your toilet before "doing your business" and the only smell will be a subtle mint aroma!!

Keep one in each bathroom, and it is perfect when traveling or using other people's bathroom!! Keep one in your purse or briefcase!

The magic POOF toilet deodorant drops works by trapping the odors in the water so you don't just cover up smells, you prevent them!!

Each .5 oz container of Poof contains about 400 drops. That's a lot of business!!

Safe for septic tanks!!