Large Blank Art Wall Fans (SALE)
Large Blank Art Wall Fans (SALE)
Item# 349-16W
Regular price: $12.95
Sale price: $8.99

Product Description

Blank white wall fan for your own art work!

Large white paper wall fans that you can draw, write or paint on. You can use any type of paint, ink, crayons or pens on these paper fans made with heavy paper.

Use for painting with any medium.

This is a fun blank canvas for your party guests to draw or write messages on. You can use them for a fun gift for Grandma and Grandpa with drawings from the grand kids!

Use as a wedding or party registry that can be displayed or also folded up for storage.

There are 2 strings on the back side to hang this wall fan on your wall. The fan will easily fold up to a compact size for storage or transport!

The 16 inch tall blank white fan is 12.95 and opens to about 26 inches across.