Asian Cooking Utensils

Japanese Mandolines, Benriner turning shredders, pickle press, microwave rice cookers, pans, and cooking utensils.

Obanyaki Pan
Taiyaki Pan
Stainless Steel Food Carrier Bento box and Pan
Stainless Steel 2 level Steamer Set
Non Stick Takoyaki Pan with Turning Pick
Large Takoyaki Pan with Turning Pick and Oil brush
Super Wide Benriner Mandoline
Regular price: $80.00
Sale price: $69.95
Benriner Mandoline Slicer
Benriner Replacement Blades
Benriner Turning Slicer
Large Benriner Turning Slicer
Tsukemono Press, Rectangular 2.2 liter
Regular price: $27.50
Sale price: $24.99
Rice Washing Colander
Tea Ceremony Tea Whisk, Chasen
Mini Hibachi Grill
Small Stainless Steel Hot Pot
Stove Top Shabu Shabu Pan
Electric Hot Pot
Regular price: $75.00
Sale price: $69.99
Tamago (egg) Pan
Knives  & Accessories
Large Mortar and Pestle
5 inch diameter Stone Mortar and Pestle
Iron Tea Pot with Strainer and Iron Trivet
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $49.99
Tile Trivet or Wall Hanging
Tapered Bamboo Skewers, pack of 100
Twisted Bamboo Skewers
$2.99, 25/$50.00
Glass Soy Sauce Dispenser / Pot
Mini Soy Sauce Containters
Joyce Chen Scissors
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $19.99
Disposable Tea Bags
Mini Stainless Steel Salt Spoons, pack of 3
Sesame Seed Grinder / Toasted Flax Seed Grinder
Shredding Peeler Utensil
Stainless Steel Hot Pot Strainer Scoops, set of 6
Heavy Stainless Steel Fish Bone Tweezers
Sesame Seed or Flax Seed Toaster
Wok Washing Brush
Small Porcelain Mortar and Pestle
Small Tsukemono Pickle Press
Jumbo 20 inch Shamoji Rice Paddle