"#MBK-110" MAC Chef Knife
"Disposable" Plastic Chinese Soup Spoons, pack of 6
"MBK-85" Smaller Chef Knife
"OM" Copper Finished Wall Hanging
"Prosperity" Red Paper Lantern, 16 inch
"SALE" Black Corduroy Slippers!
12 Dragon on a Stick Decorations
2 inch Mini Wishing Daruma Doll "Goal setting Doll"
39 inch Cotton Carp Koinobori Windsock with Swivel Hook
5 inch diameter Stone Mortar and Pestle
5 Yen Japanese Good Luck Charm
6 inch Origami, 500 sheets 60 colors!
Adult Buddhist Prayer Beads, Ojuzu Beads
All purpose knife
All Purpose Slicing Dicing Knife
Animal Cheater Chopsticks
Asian Cold Ramen Cabbage Salad recipe
Asian Straw Hat, 2 pieces
Assorted Animal Marionette Puppets
AUM Black Garlic
Bamboo Salt Spoons, set of 3
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Bamboo Water Ladle
Benriner Mandoline Slicer
Benriner Replacement Blades
Benriner Side Crank Turning Slicer #38094
Benriner Turning Slicer
Benriner Turning Slicer #BR7
Bento Box / Japanese Laquered Lunch Box
Bento Box Elastic Band
Bento Box with Cover
Bento Box with Wood Grain design
Bento Food Tray with 6 Sections
Bento Tray (no lid)
Big Black Kimono
Big Black Kimono
Bird shaped iron windchime
Black and Gold Kimono Yukata
Black and White Vase
Black Brown Japanese Vase
Black Cloth Folding Fan
Black Crepe Origami Paper
Black Japanese Ikebana Vase
Black Liquid Ink
Black or White Cotton Hapi Coat
Black or White Melamine Sauce Dishes, 10 pieces
Black Sumi Ink Stick
Blank Cloth Scroll *NEW ITEM SPECIAL*
Blank Paper Scroll with Fiber Paper
Blank Scrolls
Blossom design Pink Hapi Coat
Blu and Gold Iron Bird Windbell
Blue and Brown Japanese Vase
Blue and Gold Weighted Japanese Dance Fan
Blue Chopstick Rests pack of 6
Blue Kimono with Flowers
Business Card Holder with Dragon Design
Butterfly design Kimono Robe
Calligraphy Art Supplies
Calligraphy Set
Capiz Shell Windchimes
Carp Windbell
Casserole Size Thermal Bag
Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers
Chain Kenzan
Chandelier Stye Capiz Shell Windchime Room Decoration
Child size Green Ojuzu Buddhist Prayer Beads
Children's Pink Ojuzu Buddhist Prayer Beads
Chinese Chopping Cleaver
Chinese Good Luck Red Money Envelopes, pack of 40
Chinese Good Luck Strawberry Candies
Chinese Healthy Balls with Phoenix Bird and Dragon Design
Chinese Lantern With Tassels
Chinese Pant and Shirt Set
Chinese Pant and Shirt Set, Great Costume!
Chinese Paper Placemats 50 pieces
Chinese Soup Spoon and Rest, 2 sets
Chinese Style Brocade Dress, Girl's sizes
Chinese Style Slotted Serving Spoon
Chinese Zodiac Animal Coin Set
Chop Ink Paste
Chopsticks in a Chopstick Box
Click here to view other Parasols
Click here to view other sizes of Windsocks
Click here to view other sizes of Windsocks
Click to view other sizes of Windsocks
Cloisonne Chopstick Gift Set
Cloth Fan with Sequins
Cloth Parasols in Assorted colors and Designs
Cloth Parasols, solid colors
Copper Ganesh Decorative Hanging
Cotton 11 inch Windsocks, Set of 5
Cotton Maple Leaf design Ladies Kimono
Cotton Tabi Socks
Cotton Tabi Socks for use with Zori
Crane Design Ladies Kimono
Crane Japanese Hapi Coat
Daigenkoh Japanese Rosewood Incense Sticks 120 pc
Dance Fan with Fluttering Fabric
Daruma Doll, assorted sizes
Delft Blue Spoon Holder
Delightful Stick Incense!
Deluxe Calligraphy Brush Set with Practice Tablet
Deluxe Wood "Cheater" Easy Chopsticks
Dishes and Spoons
Disposable Chopsticks, 40pair
Disposable Sake Cups
Disposable Tea Bags
Double Mini Sword Letter Opener with Stand
Double Sided 6 inch Origami Paper
Double Sided Origami, 36 sheets
Dragon and Hawk Design Kimono
Dragon Calligraphy Paper Lantern
Dragonfly Iron Windchime
Easy Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe
Easy Stir Fried Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe
Easy Teriyaki Chicken Recipe
Embroidered White Lace Cotton Fan
Fax or Mail Order Form
Flagpole 79 inch Outdoor Carp Windsock
Floral Scissors
Flower Scissors
Folding Nylon Hand Fan, Peacock design
Free Recipes
Furoshiki Hanger
Geta Shoes, Black and white Design Toe Straps
Geta Wooden Sandals
Giant 8 foot tall Inflatable Sriracha Bottle
Girls Japanese Kansashi Hair Ornament
Glass Soy Sauce Dispenser / Pot
Glass Windchimes
Gold Daruma Wishing Dolls "Wealth"
Gold or Silver Origami Paper, 4 3/4 inch, 100 sheets
Good Fortune Night Light
Good Luck Crane Chopsticks and Chopstick Box
Good Luck Flying Crane Design Folding Cloth Fans
Hakata Doll
Happy Cat Porcelain Windbell
Happy Cat, / Lucky Cat / Maneki Neko
Heavy Laquered Japanese Food Box
Heavy Stainless Steel Fish Bone Tweezers
Hiragana, Katagana, Romanji chart
Hokusai's Wave Print Noren Door Curtain
Ikebana and Incense
Ikenobo Vase
Incense Burner, Hand Carved Sandstone Elephants
Iron Incense Burner
Iron Japanese Bonsai Scissors
Iron Owl Wind Bell
Iron Pinecone Windbell
Iron Temple and Owl Design Windbell
Iron Windbell
Iron Windbell, Bird Shape
Japanese "Top Knot" Hair Hat
Japanese Black and Gold Weighted Dance Fan
Japanese Deba Knife
Japanese Design Night Light
Japanese Dice (one pair)
Japanese Flower Design Cotton Kimono
Japanese Hapi Coat with Calligraphy Design
Japanese Headbands, Hachimaki
Japanese Kimono Yukata with Good Luck Calligraphy
Japanese Names for Babies Book
Japanese Style Dance Fan
Japanese Style Lunch Box with Movable Divider
Japanese Style Obi with Pre tied Bow
Japanese Style Raised Wood Geta
Japanese Tulip Shaped Windchime Bell
Japanese Yanagiba Sushi Sashimi Slicing Knife
Japanese Zori Sandals
Jumbo 120" Carp Windsock
Jumbo 20 inch Restaurant size Shamoji Rice Paddle
Jumbo Pack 402 Sheet Origami Paper, 6 inch
Jumbo Sushi Boat
Kanji Baseball Style Hats
Kenzan / Frog
Kenzan Pin Straightener
Kimono Costume with Obi and Bow
Kitchen Utensils & Cookware
Knife Sharpener
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knife Sharpeners
Knit Crew Tabi Socks
Knives & Accessories
Koi design Kimono Yukata, L, XL, XXL
Kokeshi Doll Bear
Kokeshi Doll Chef
Kokeshi Doll with Carved Kimono
Kokeshi Doll, Large Natural Wood
Lace Parasol
Ladies Floral Geta
Ladies Japanese Hair Ornament
Ladies Lightweight Kimono with Peacock Design
Laquered Covered Soup Bowl
Large 12" White or Black Lace Fan
Large 79 inch Blue Nylon Koinobori Windsock
Large 79 inch Red Nylon Windsock
Large BEGINNERS Chinese Calligraphy Set
Large Benriner Turning Slicer
Large Blank Paper Scroll
Large Blank Wall Fans
Large Chinese Paint Brush with Ceramic Handle
Large Happy Buddha on a Swivel Stand
Large Iron Incense Burner
Large Men's Cotton Kimono (SPECIAL PRICE!!!)
Large Mortar and Pestle
Large Performance fans that snap open and closed
LARGE Performance style Cloth Fan
Large Takoyaki Pan with Turning Pick and Oil brush
Large Totoro Plush Toy
Large Totoro Tote Bag
Left and Right Handed Fan Set
Left Handed Deba Knife
Lightweight Black Hapi Coat
Lightweight Black Hapi Coat
Lined Dragon Design Kimono Robe
Lipstick Case
List of items at the store for special to TME
Lucky Cat Design Nightlight
Lunchbox and Bento Box
MAC "Superior" 2 Piece Knife Set
MAC #MBK110 Chef Knife, 10 3/4 inch blade
MAC #MBK85 Chef Knife, 8 inch blade
MAC #MSK65 Santoku Knife w/bolster
MAC #PKF50, 5 inch Paring/ Slicing
MAC #SK65 Santoku Knife
MAC 4 piece Knife Set
MAC brand Left Handed Yanagiba Sushi Sashimi Knife
MAC Bread and Roast Slicing Knife #SB105
MAC BS90 Bread Knife
MAC Ceramic Black Honing Rod
MAC CK90 Carving Knife
MAC CL55 Deba Cleaver
MAC JU65 Slicing Knife
MAC Left Handed 11 inch Yanagiba Sushi Knife
MAC PK25 "bird beak" Paring Knife
MAC PK40 Paring Knife
MAC PKF30 Paring Knife, 3 1/2 inch blade
MAC PKF60, 6 inch Paring/Slicing
MAC Pro Boning Knife #BON 60
MAC SA70 Superior Utility Knife
MAC SD65 Cleaver/Chopper
MAC SP50 Superior Paring Knife
MAC TH80 Chef knife
MAC UK60 Utility Knife
MAC Ultimate Chef #SBK95
MAC White Ceramic Sharpening Rod
MAC Yanagiba with Pakka Wood Handle
Mah Jongg Earrings
Mah Jongg Wall Clock
Mandoline slicer #BR11
Mandoline with Box Tray
Matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder
Medium Size White Performance Fan
Medium to XXLarge Cotton Kimono Robe with Calligraphy Design
Mini Chinese Sauce Spoon, set of 10
Mini Happy Cats, set of 2
Mini Origami, 1000 sheets
Mini origami, 500 sheets
Mini Paper Mache Japanese Daruma Dolls
Mini Stainless Hot Pot for 2
Mini Stainless Steel Salt Spoons, pack of 3
Miso Soup Bowl
Morning Star Incense, 200 sticks
Moving Dog Bank
Multicolor Pack of Origami Folding Paper
Nag Champa Incense
Non Stick MAC Sushi Knife
Non Stick Takoyaki Pan with Turning Pick
Noren Japanese Style Split Door Curtain, Lucky Cat Design
Nori / Toasted Seaweed Storage Tin
Nylon Koinobori Windsocks, 23 inches
Nylon Indoor/Outdoor Carp Windsock, 59"
Nylon Stretch Tabi Socks for use with Zori
Obanyaki Pan
Origami Paper
Other Calligraphy Supplies
Other Cloth Parasols!
Other Parasols, click here
Other Spoons, click here
Pack of 10 pair of Laquer Chopsticks
Pack of 3 Plastic Bento Boxes
Package of 12 Colored Paper Party Lanterns
Pagoda Design Kimono Robe
Pagoda Shaped Letter Opener
Panda Bear Baseball Cap
Paper Accordian Style Dragon Party Favor, pack of 12
Pink Panda design Porcelain Mug with Silicone Lid
Plastic Rack for Stacking Rice Bowls
Plush Happy Cat Toys
Poof Toilet Magic Drops
Practice Paper
Professional Stainless Chopsticks
Regular size mandoline
Replacement Blades
Replacement blades
Replacement Blades
Replacement Blades
Retro Look Black Velvet Scroll with Japanese Ladies Design
Rice Serving Bowl, Ohitsu
Rice Washing Colander
Salux Towel / Long Towel for your Back
scroll for displaying your shikishi boards
Scroll Shikishi Hanger
Scroll Weights
Sei Mee brand Matcha Powdered Green Tea
Sei Mee Decafeinated Green Tea Pouches
Sentei Iron Shears
Sesame Seed Grinder / Toasted Flax Seed Grinder
Sesame Seed or Flax Seed Toaster
Set of 29 inch Japanese Carp windsocks
Set of 3 Chinese Zodiac Coins
Set of 3, MiniThree Legged Money Frogs
Set of 4 mini Kenzan Flower Frogs
Set of 4 Shabu Shabu Skimmer Strainers with Rim Hooks
Set of 5 Chinese Lady design Paddle Fans
Set of 6 Happy Hotai Buddha
Shallow Distressed White Japanese Vase
Shikishi Board Frame
Shikishi Boards
Shiva Watch
Shredding Peeler Utensil
Silk Fans $3.95 each
Silk Folding Hand Fans, solid colors
Silky Black Kimono Style Robe with Belt Tie
Silky Kimono Robe with Japanese Lady design
Silver Silk Folding Hand Fan
Single Color Origami paper, 4 3/4 inch, 50 sheets
Skewers with Twisted Ends
Small Cast Iron Incense Burner with Lid
SMALL Chinese Calligraphy Set for Beginners
Small Good Luck Frog Charm on a String
Small Porcelain Mortar and Pestle
Small Tsukemono Pickle Press
Small White Capiz Shell Windchime
Small Wooden Salt Spoons, pack of 3
Soft Totoro and Catbus Luncbox
Solar Happy Hotai Buddha
Solar Powered Waving Happy Cat
Solid Color 4 3/4 inch Origami Paper
Solid Colored Cloth Large Performance Style Fans
Soup Spoons, bundle of 50
Spam Musubi Press/Sushi Mold
Spicy Peanut Lime Noodles with Grilled Shrimp recipe
Square Vase with Bronze Metallic Finish
Stainless Steel Chopsticks, 5 pair
Stainless Steel Food Carrier and Pan w Cooking Handle
Stainless Steel Hot Pot Strainer Scoops, set of 6
Stainless Steel Oil Storage Pot with Strainer
Stainless Steel Two Tier Tiffen Lunchbox Foodbox
Stir Fried Black Bean Chicken with Snow Peas Recipe
Stir Fried Mongolian Beef and Green Onion recipe
Stove Top Shabu Shabu Pan
Stretch Nylon Tabi Socks
Sumo Sized Kimono Yukata
Sun and Moon Shaped Kenzan
Super Wide Benriner Mandoline
Sushi Chef Hapi Coat
Sushi Handroll Holder Rack
Sushi Lantern
Suzuri Ink Grinding Stone
Sword Handled Umbrella
Tai Chi / Kung Fu Shoes
Tai Chi Shoes
Taiyaki Pan
Tall Vase
Tamago (egg) Pan
Tapered Bamboo Skewers, pack of 100
Tatami Zori Sandals
Tea Ceremony Bowl
Tea Ceremony Bowl, Whisk and Scoop
Tea Ceremony Set
Tea Ceremony Tea Whisk, Chasen
Tea Pot Design Windbell
Tea Whisk sold seperately
Thai Red Curry Chicken recipe
Thermal Lunch Food Bags
Thousand Crane Book and 1,050 Sheets of Paper
Three Japanese Ladies on Paddle Fans
Three Layer Stainless Steel Food Carrier Box
Three Legged Good Luck Frog
Tie Dye design ORIGAMI Paper, 6 inch, 200 sheets
Tiger Cloth Furoshiki Wall Hanging
Tile Trivet or Wall Hanging
TOTORO and Friends
Totoro Domed 3D design Thermos
Totoro Hoodie Sweatshirt
Totoro Lamp
Totoro Pillow with Blanket Inside
Totoro Portable Lightweight Backpack
Toy Stuffed Sriracha Chili Sauce Bottle 12 inch
Triangle Shaped Kenzan
Tsukemono Press, Rectangular 2.2 liter
Turquoise Capiz Shell Windchime
Twisted Bamboo Skewers
Twisted Wood Chopsticks
Two Sided Gold and Silver Fan
Two Sided Professional Whet Stone Knife Sharpener
Two Windsocks and a ribbon on a Stick
Vase, Half Moon
Vase, Neutral color with Raised Base
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View Shikishi boards
View Shikishi Boards
View solid Black cotton Hapi Coat
View Sushi Supplies
Washi Paper, 4 inch 200 sheets
Washi Style Origami Paper, 360 sheets in 30 designs
Wedding Couple Hakata Dolls
Weighted Orange Japanese Dance Fan
White Ceramic MAC brand Honing Rod
White Lace Battenberg Cotton Parasol
White or Turquoise Capiz Shell Windchimes
White Origami Paper 6 inch
White Paddle Fan, 3 pieces
White Paper Fan, 10 pieces
White Paper Parasol
Windbell, bird shape
Windchimes, Windbells
Windsock with Dutch Wooden Shoe and Tulip Design
Wooden Salt Spoons, pack of 3
XXXL Cotton Kimono
Year of the Boar / Pig Cheater Chopsticks
Year of the Boar Bell Figurine White or Gold
Year of the Boar Figurines on a Stand
Year of the Dog Golden Porcelain Dog Bell Figurine
Year of the Pig Ceramic Bank
Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair
Zori Sandals