Japanese Hapi coats, Kimono robes, Purse hangers, geta wooden shoes, zori sandals and tabi socks, Tai chi or Kung Fu shoes

Totoro Hoodie Sweatshirt
Black and Gold Kimono Yukata
Royal Blue and Gold Reversible Kimono style Robe with Pockets
Silky Black Kimono Style Robe with Belt Tie
Regular price: $39.95
Sale price: $24.99
Ladies Japanese Pagoda Design Kimono (Special price!)
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $49.99
Sushi Chef Hapi Coat
Black Dragon Embroidered Shirt
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $19.99
Large Men's Cotton Kimono (SPECIAL PRICE!!!)
Regular price: $69.95
Sale price: $59.99
Cotton Kimono Robe with Calligraphy Design
Big Black Kimono
Koi design Kimono Yukata, L, XL and XXXL
Dragon and Hawk Design Kimono
Hapi Coat Robe (short kimono) Koi Design
Black or White Cotton Hapi Coat
Cotton Maple Leaf design Ladies Kimono
Silky Kimono Robe with Japanese Lady design
Ladies Crane Design Kimono
Regular price: $78.95
Sale price: $69.95
Ladies Lightweight Kimono with Peacock Design
Butterfly design Kimono Robe
Regular price: $49.00
Sale price: $39.99
Lined  Dragon Design Kimono Robe
Blossom design Pink Hapi Coat
Red Kimono Robe
Red Brocade Purse with Shoulder Length Handles
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $9.99
Chinese Q Hat with braided "Hair"
Kanji Baseball Style Hats
Asian Straw Hat, 1 piece
Tatami Zori Sandals
Japanese Zori Sandals
Japanese Headbands, Hachimaki
$6.95, 10/$59.50
Geta Wooden Sandals
Geta Shoes, Black and white Design Toe Straps
Japanese Style Raised Wood Geta
Children's Wooden Geta Sandals
Cotton Tabi Socks
Stretch Nylon Tabi Socks
Knit Crew Tabi Socks
Tai Chi Shoes
Embroidered Red Lipstick Case with Mirror
Ladies Japanese Hair Ornament
Girls Japanese Kansashi Hair Ornament
Brocade Slippers
$7.95, 10/$60.00
Black Corduroy Slippers
Panda Bear Baseball Cap
Crane Japanese Hapi Coat