Animal Cheater Chopsticks
Animal Cheater Chopsticks
Item# 10050

Product Description

Animal Cheater Chopsticks
Cheater chopsticks with animal and sea creature shapes on the top for decoration!

Fun plastic chopsticks that are connected on the top for beginners and children! These "Fish sticks" and "Zoo Sticks" chopsticks come in a variety of animal and sea creature designs and assorted colors. Some are solid colors and some are translucent colors.

Great for party favors or to keep your kids happy at restaurants! Approx. 10 inches long.

These chopsticks are top rack dishwasher safe or wash in soapy hot water.

Colors may be different than in the photo. Call if you would like to check on specific colors for your style of animal! Call us at The House of Rice Store, toll free in the USA 1(877)469-1718 or local in Arizona at 480-647-6698.

****Manufacturer's comments: These chopsticks are lead free. These chopsticks have been tested with independent, certified testing agencies to insure these products are lead free.